What to Buy

Baking great bread doesn’t require much, but it is nice to have a few key pieces of equipment to help you get started. Everything linked below are what I use every time I bake bread.

  • Banneton – Used to help shape your loaf during proofing.
  • Dutch oven – For baking your bread. Helps trap steam and aids with oven spring.
  • 11 pound max kitchen scale – Weighing out your flour and water.
  • Pocket scale – For measuring out small ingredients such as yeast and salt
  • 6 quart container – Bulk fermenting your dough. I use one 6 quart container per 500 gram loaf I bake. If I’m baking a full batch (1,000g or 2 loaves), I can still get by using one of these.
  • 1 quart container – Used for keeping your sourdough culture going.
  • Instant read thermometer – Make sure your water and dough are the right temperatures for ideal fermentation.
  • Bread knife – A great bread knife makes cutting your loaf effortless. I battled with bad bread knives for a while and finally settled on this one.
  • Lame – A blade with a handle for scoring your loaves before they go in the oven.
  • Flour Water Salt Yeast – An extremely great book by Ken Forkish that introduces you to the concepts of baking great bread. I lend my copy to all my friends who express interest in baking bread.
  • Pullman Bread Pan – If you’re making sandwich bread, banana bread, or any bread that benefits from a pan, these USA made pans are amazing.

Note, some of the links above are to through my affiliate links.