About Alegre Bread

Baking bread has always been something I wanted to master. I had tried, unsuccessfully, several times to make everything from baguettes to sourdough loaves and could never get anything to come out right. I needed a rough schedule and a basic set of guidelines to follow since what I had been doing wasn’t working.

After yet another failed sourdough attempt in March 2017, I found out about the book Flour Water Salt Yeast by Ken Forkish and decided to buy a copy. When it showed up I read the first several chapters in one sitting, determined to learn what I needed in order to bake a good loaf of bread.

I had much of the equipment I needed but bought a banneton and a dutch oven. When they arrived I got to making my first basic bread, the Saturday White recipe from FWSY. Following the book meticulously, I was rewarded with an amazing loaf of bread (seen below).

The first loaf of bread I baked after reading Flour Water Salt Yeast by Ken Forkish

In the two years since that first successful loaf, I’ve baked around 100 loaves of bread and don’t plan on stopping any time soon.

I live in Santa Fe, New Mexico which is a pretty dry climate at around 7,200ft elevation. So far I haven’t noticed any adverse effects from that with my bread baking, aside from needing to be careful about moisture.

The goal of this blog is simply to give me an outlet to post my recipes and share my experiences with everyone else. I hope you enjoy the site and it helps inspire you to bake some bread!

Note: All photos on this blog were taken by me, of bread I’ve personally baked.